Interventional radiologist is a narrow subspecialisation which origins from radiology and imaging diagnostics. Such physician deals with minimally invasive intravascular procedures performed under guidance of various imaging methods such as ultrasound, conventional radiology and computed tomography.

Specjaliści radiologii interwencyjnej

Specjaliści radiologii interwencyjnej

During the visit at specialists from the Clinic of Phlebology, there is a possibility to discuss and arrange minimally invasive non-surgical treatment and surgeries of all vascular conditions, especially venous system diseases. In this field, our team of interventional radiologists collaborate with vascular surgeons.  

What makes us distinct?

The team of the Clinic of Phlebology is composed of radiologists, interventional radiologists, phlebologists, surgeons and vascular surgeons. Thus, we can meet all diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. Our interventional radiologists combine the ability of minimally  invasive treatment with enormous knowledge on venous system diseases. Having used interventional radiology methods, we treat, i.a. vein thrombosis, pelvic venous insufficiency, varicose veins of spermatic cord and venous malformations.  


Venous disorders

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