The most common population pathologies of the venous system include: venous insufficiency of the lower limbs, venous thrombosis, pelvic venous insufficiency, varicose veins of the intimate parts, venous malformations and others. In the Phlebology Clinic, specialized medical and nursing personnel deal with the diagnosis and treatment of all venous system diseases, not only varicose veins!

Venous insufficiency of the lower limbs has different faces. It can start with innocent vascular spider veins, and in declining forms take the form of seeping and non-healing wounds on the shanks (so-called venous leg ulcer).

Deep vein thrombosis is the most dangerous disease of the venous system. In some patients, it ends with pulmonary embolism, a life-threatening disease entity. Find out more about this life-threatening disease on our site with venous thrombosis.

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