Sport compression knee-socks of pressure equal to 20-30 mmHg substantially improve the blood circulation while doing sports. Gradual pressure ensures the improvement of superficial and deep vein system functioning.

Skarpety kompresyjne CEP

Skarpety kompresyjne CEP

Thanks to the use of sport stockings, lower limbs may recover faster to the complete efficiency and post-exertion regeneration proceeds much better.

Below is the short description of sport compression:

  • ideal adjustment to the shape of foot and lower limb
  • shallow stitches ensuring protection against compression 
  • stabilization of muscle tissue decreasing the risk of contusions 
  • reduction of unpleasant smells thanks to the silver ions
  • optimal performance of sportsman due to well adjusted compression class

Model 2.0 socks for jogging are recommended for runners (they are good regardless of distance) and individuals practicing fitness. 
What is the feature of ultra-light socks for running? (New!)

It is a new line of sport compression devices which includes all advantages of model 2.0 and, in addition, was made optimal from the perspective of lightness. Material which they are made of is thinner compared to model 2.0, thus, skin may better breathe. Material is not only thinner, but also more delicate with better parameters of air conditioning. These devices are intended for persons who like the feeling of great shoe adjustment. They are recommended for running for long distances, mountain running and endurance sports.          


Venous disorders

Choroby naczyń żylnych należą do najczęstszych populacyjnie.
Niewydolność żylna kończyn dolnych, żylaki okolic intymnych
czy zakrzepica żylna to tylko niektóre z nich.