Devices of the Swiss producer Sigvaris are very popular in Poland. Undoubtedly, finishing and durability are their greatest advantages. In its offer, Sigvaris have medical, prophylactic and antithrombotic devices of different compression.

Wyroby kompresyjne marki Sigvaris

In our every day practice, we use a number of products, however, we appreciate mostly three of them: 

Top Fine Select

It is a device for females and males sold in black and beige colours. Due to their good quality and relatively low price, they are quite popular. In the Clinic of Phlebology, we eagerly recommend them to patients after the venous procedures due to their durability and easiness in putting on.


It is a product of great palette of colours available in compression classes I and II. It is recommended mainly for females who like to look elegant. Magic devices are well adjusting to females shapes. The advantage of the product is a well-finished foot and exceptional smoothness of cuffs holding the stocking on the thighs. Since 1st April 2015, Sigvaris began the manufacturing of all Magic products in new season colours:: CoralWavePearl i Deep Sea.


It is a hit product of Sigvaris. Its advantage is a high content of cotton (14%), thanks to which it is of additional softness. On the market, it is available in 3 variants:

COTTON: unisex line for females and males. Knee-socks are available in 3 compression classes (I-III), stockings and tights in two classes (I-II).
COTTON XTRA: these are special knee-socks available in 3 compression classes, 4 colours (black, anthracite, dark blue and natural) and 2 foot sizes: universal (36-44) and Maxi (44-48).
COTTON MED: is a postsurgical product used directly after the surgical procedure; it is available in the following compression classes II or III.


Venous disorders

Choroby naczyń żylnych należą do najczęstszych populacyjnie.
Niewydolność żylna kończyn dolnych, żylaki okolic intymnych
czy zakrzepica żylna to tylko niektóre z nich.