General internal medicine consultation is a type of specialist consultation which embraces a broad range of medical conditions: from cold to various ailments of cardiovascular system such as hypertension, coronary disease, diseases of venous and arterial vessels.

Specjaliści chorób wewnętrznych

Specjaliści chorób wewnętrznych

Frequently, additional laboratory testing and consultations are required following phlebological visit to clarify the doubts concerning the aetiology of health problems, e.g. leg swelling. In such situation, visit at general internal medicine specialist is of importance. His/her experience and knowledge with regard to human organism is enormous, thus, he/she would quickly and efficiently solve this medical puzzle and quicken the initiation of treatment.  

What makes us distinct?

In the Phlebology Clinic, general internal medicine consultations are provided by general internal medicine specialists (internists) who are experienced in the treatment of vascular and cardiovascular diseases. On a daily basis, our specialists work in diagnostic-therapeutic teams with the most excellent angiologists and cardiologists.


Venous disorders

Choroby naczyń żylnych należą do najczęstszych populacyjnie.
Niewydolność żylna kończyn dolnych, żylaki okolic intymnych
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