Phlebography and varicography (phlebography of varicose veins) are contrast-based techniques of venous system imaging. In the latter, direct administration of contrast agent to dilated veins, i.e. varicose veins is applied.

The role of phlebographic techniques in imaging diagnostics of venous system has changed dramatically following the widespread introduction of Doppler techniques or CT or MRI venography. 

There are some advantages of methods used for imaging the venous system in a direct manner. Phlebography is performed in hospital settings. Descending phlebography and varicography, whih we perform, allow for a precise evaluation of reflux and direction of venous blood flow in vessels. Such procedure lasts for up to several dozen minutes. It is performed in hemodynamic unit.

Phlebography and embolization of ovarian veins

Phlebography and embolization of ovarian veins.

Provided there are any doubts following Doppler ultrasound and CT, phlebography is often a conclusive examination.  

We used it on a routine basis in the diagnosis of pelvic venous insufficiency, evaluation of limited blood outflow in large veins (inferior vena cava and iliac veins) and complicated vascular malformations.


Venous disorders

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