Maciej Chwaliński, MD, PhD

Education and professional experience

Dr Maciej Chwaliński is a surgical oncologist who specializes in the treatment of diseases of large intestine and anus. He graduated from the Medical Academy in Warsaw in 1994 being awarded a Doctor of Medicine degree. Having completed the studies, he worked in the Clinic of Gastrointestinal Tract Neoplasms of the Oncology Centre in Warsaw under the supervision of Prof. Marek Nowacki. During the specialization in general surgery, he worked in the Department and Clinic of General, Vascular and Transplantation Surgery of the Medical Academy in Warsaw for 4 years. He defended his PhD dissertation in medicine under the guidance of Prof. Nowacki. For many years he was an adjunct in the Clinic of Large Intestine Neoplasms and later in the Clinic of Gastrointestinal Tract Neoplasms of the Oncology Centre in Warsaw.

Since 2014, he was the head of the Surgical Oncology Ward of the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Warsaw. He is an author of several dozens of scientific papers on the surgery of large intestine. For many years, he treats the diseases of anus as a proctologist.

Specializations and skills

  • general surgery
  • surgical oncology
  • proctology (or colorproctology)

Scope of tasks

  • procedures within general surgery and large intestine diseases
  • procedures within surgical oncology and dermatological surgery
  • biopsy
  • comprehensive range of proctological procedures:
  • - minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins of anus (RBL, DGHAL, minimally invasive surgical procedures)
    - treatment of anal fistulas (ComfortDrain, AFP, LipoGems)
    - treatment of anal itching
    -  treatment of genital warts in the area of anus and perineum (laser therapy)
  • techniques of treatment applied:
    - DGHAL
    - endovenous procedures under local anaesthesia: laser therapy with ELVeS 1470 nmm
    - procedures within general surgery
    - procedures with adipose tissue stem cell transfer

Scientific societies

  • Polish Society of Surgical Oncology


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