Anna Bodziony, MD

Education and professional experience

She graduated from the 1st Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw in 2011. She started her phlebological activity at the Phlebology Clinic in Warsaw, educating herself in the field of imaging diagnostics of vessels and performing minimally invasive intravenous procedures. Currently, she specializes in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, which she performs at the Department of Radiological Diagnostics of the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior and Administration in Warsaw.

Specializations and skills

  • during specialization in radiology and diagnostic imaging
  • Doppler ultrasound
  • phlebology

Scope of tasks

  • imaging diagnostics of vessels (Doppler ultrasound, CT angiography, MRI angiography)
  • treatment of venous system diseases: telangiectasias (spider veins), widened venulectasias, venous malformations, varicose veins of lower limbs, varicose veins of intimate area (perineum, vulva), vein thrombosis and post-thrombotic syndromes
  • techniques of treatment applied:
    • all techniques of sclerotherapy (microsclerotherapy, needle echosclerotherapy, mechanical and chemical obliteration using Phlebogriffe system)
    • intravenous procedures under local anaesthesia (tumescent): laser therapy with ELVeS 1470 nm, intravascular glue treatment with VenaSeal, VenaBlock and VariClose
  • imaging diagnostics in post-operational and post-procedural period

Scientific societies

  • Polish Society of Phlebology
  • The European Society of Radiology


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