Mini-phlebectomy, often referred to as vein crocheting, is a minimally invasive procedure, which is more frequently performed in outpatient settings under local anaesthesia. Usually, it lasts up to one hour. It consists in removing the varicose veins of lower extremities through 2-milimeter incision or puncture of the skin (in the latter it is micro-phlebectomy), using special crochet devices or surgical hooks. The procedure does not require any stitches. Thus, it allows for achieving a very good cosmetic effect in short time, however, it is necessary to wear compression devices after the procedure for quicker absorption of bruising.

This procedure is rather indicated for large and extensive varicose plexus as sclerotherapy in peripheral section does not bring good therapeutic and cosmetic effects. If there is not a need for the treatment of major venous trunks or if there are small-calibre vessels, mini-phlebectomy is replaced by sclerotherapy, which has better effects. 


Combination of these both methods is the newest therapeutic idea. Such approach is referred to as micro-foam phlebectomy. It consists in injecting a foamy sclerosant to the lumen of vessel. Consequently, the vessel constricts and occludes. Then, it is removed through tiny incision.

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