Modern imaging diagnostics is a broad branch of medical diagnostics which deals with the imaging of tissues of our organism. In Poland, it is required to have a specialization in radiology and imaging diagnostics to perform and analyze such examinations. 


In the current treatment of venous and arterial vessels, we employ imaging diagnostics at nearly each stage. For such purpose, we mainly use the Doppler ultrasound, MRI and CTI based imaging of vessels and digital vascular roentgenography.

In case of venous system, specific modalities of venous vessel imaging are applied, which are adjusted to patient’s clinical status.  

What makes us distinct?

Predominance of the Clinic of Phlebology Team results from the fact that in our team we have radiologists who besides diagnostics are also involved in minimally invasive treatment of venous system diseases on a daily basis. Thus, in our offer you will find a broad range of methods of venous system imaging, i.a.: 

Our services

In the Phlebology Clinic offer you will find a full panel of venous and arterial imaging methods and the newest treatment methods of venous disorders in the whole body.