Venous system diseases, including the most common pathology, namely lower limbs venous insufficiency, affect people all over the world. These days we are traveling much more than before, and the world seems much smaller. Thus there are no reasons why we couldn't combine the pleasure of traveling with taking care of our legs and our overall health.

In Warsaw our diagnostic and therapeutic center - the Phlebology Clinic - is the place of high quality and complex service. Situated in the very heart of the city, it lies on the route from the Warsaw airport to the city center [map], within 10 minutes reach. In the direct vicinity you can find one of the largest green areas of Warsaw (Pola Mokotowskie), as well as a golf course.

The Phlebology Clinic is located in the building of Centrum Medycyny Sportowej (Sports Medicine Center). Thanks to close cooperation between our centers we offer a wide range of vascular tests under MRI, performed with the state-of-art 3 Tesla skanner - Ingenia (Philips).


In our Clinic we hold individual approach to each Patient as the highest priority. Diagnostics of the venous system always begins with a Doppler ultrasound test performed by a medical doctor specializing in treating venous diseases (phlebologist). The results of the basic diagnostic tests, combined with a thorough medical interview allow us to establish a precise and most successful plan for the venous disease treatment of each individual Patient.

The Phlebology Clinic is a modern center, whose personell is constantly widening their knowledge and the range of the offered medical procedures. Our doctors were first in Poland to perform the procedures of sealing veins of the lower limbs with the use of the VenaSeal method, after being trained by doctor Jens Alm in Hamburg. We share our experience in numerous conferences and medical congresses. The members of our staff are also conducting professional medcal trainings.

To all Patients that use our services as a part of medical tourism we offer a number of specialized ultrasound imaging tests. All Doppler tests, such as the assessment of the vascular systems of the lower limbs, pelvis minor and abdominal cavity are performed exclusively by specialized medical doctors. We also offer vascular screening by Doppler ultrasound. 

All our Patients who require wider diagnostics by MRI are tested in our innovative magnetic resonance room in the Sports Medical Center. Together we can offer you the full range of tests with the use of 3 Tesla MRI scanner, all in one building.

In our portfolio you can find a wide range of procedures treating venous insufficiency that use the most efficient methods in the world, which include:

- sclerotherapy and ultrasoung guided foam sclerotherapy (UGFS)
- catheter-directed sclerotherapy
- sclerotherapy in tumenescent anesthesia
- mechano-chemical endovenous ablation with Phlebogriffe
- closing varicose veins with the endoenous ELVeS 1470 nm system (the newest system using bi-radial fibers)
- sealing varcose veins of the lower legs with the use of VenaSeal and Variclose systems
- surgical methods of varicose veins treatment

In our pactice we often use combined, hybrid methods. As one of very few places in Poland we treat venous insufficiency of the pelvis minor and varicose veins of the intimate areas. The adventage of the Phlebology Clinic is a very competitive price of treatment in comparison to the costs of the same procedures offered abroad. In Phlebology Clinic the treatment process is performed with the highest quality medical equipment produced by Toshiba, Philips and Biolitec.

Now there is nothing that could stop you from walking the streets of Warsaw on your own feet!

You are very welcome to our Clinic,
the Phlebology Clinic Team



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In the Phlebology Clinic offer you will find a full panel of venous and arterial imaging methods and the newest treatment methods of venous disorders in the whole body.