Going through the path of progress, the Phlebology Clinic in Warsaw, has created a modern medical center whose mission is to introduce modern diagnostics and treatment of venous system diseases with broadly-defined education of patients and training physicians in the field of phlebology.  


The Phlebology Clinic is composed of nurses and physicians who deal passionately with venous system diseases for years. The strength of our team results from a complex approach to problems and ailments reported by patients.  

In-detail diagnostics

In our offer, you will find a full ultrasound diagnostics of venous and arterial vessels (ultrasound). In collaboration with the Center of Imaging Diagnostics of the Medicover Hospital and 3T MRI unit of the Sports Medicine Center in Warsaw, we can perform every examination of vessels. We make, i.a. phlebographical examinations, intravascular ultrasound  (IVUS), CT venography, MRI dynamic venography, using high-quality 3T apparatus by Philips.   

Radiologists from our team are personally concerned with the analysis and performing of such advanced vascular examinations.

Due to a diversified range of skills of our team, we apply the knowledge on phlebology, angiology, radiology, imaging diagnostics, general internal medicine, surgery and aesthetic medicine in the diagnostic and therapeutic process.  


Effective and minimally-invasive methods of treatment  

In Phlebology Clinic, we place first an individual approach to patient and his/her ailments. We treat a broad range of venous system diseases: from spider veins, venous malformations, leg varicose veins, varicose veins in pelvis, intimate area to severe cases of venous thrombosis.  

As our personnel is well-experienced and regularly trained, we always adopt proven and recent methods. Our team is a precursor of glue treatment of varicose veins, which will be the future of the treatment of venous insufficiency of lower extremities.

The physicians of our team (Cezary Szary, MD and Tomasz Grzela, PhD) were the first in Poland who having possessed required training began to use glue treatment of varicose veins, i.e. VenaSeal. Having gained experience and introduced improvements in this method, we started to apply another system for the closure of varicose veins called VariClose

As one of the few centers in Poland, we employ specialists who deal with diagnostics and treatment of pelvic venous insufficiency and varicose veins in intimate area. We also treat all forms of thrombosis.
Our specialists deal with presurgical qualification and minimally invasive treatment of the most severe stages of venous thrombosis localized in iliofemoral segment. Percutaneous implantation of venous stents is performed commercialy in the Medicover Hospital.



 Well-prepared specialist trainings

On a daily basis, we are also concerned with the organization of high-specialist trainings for physicians who are eager to improve their qualifications in the diagnostics and treatment of venous system diseases.

The advantage of our phlebological trainings consists in maintaining balance between theory and practice. Activities with the participation of patients are always carried out under the guidance of our coaches. 

More about our specialistic courses and trainings you will find on our website KURSY SPECJALISTYCZNE.

Our 1-2 days workshops cover the following phlebological topics:

- pathophysiology of varicose veins
- sonographic aspects of venous anatomy
- practical bascics of Doppler ultrasound examination of a patients with varicose veins
- sclerotherapy agents and their proper use in the treatment of chronic venous disorder
- indications and use of ELVeS 1470 (Endo Laser Vein System) in varicose veins treatment
- indications and use of VariClose system in varicose veins treatment
- practical aspects of compression therapy use in chronic venous disorder

 We create the Foundation for Phlebology Progress

 FOUNDATION FOR PHLEBOLOGY PROGRESS was created for all individuals who wish to raise social awareness and  propagate the knowledge on venous system diseases in the population.

 Progress in technology made in recent years and increasing knowledge on the aetiology of venous system diseases allow for more effective detection and safer treatment of venous system diseases in individuals at every age. More about our Foundation you will find on the website:

Our services

In the Phlebology Clinic offer you will find a full panel of venous and arterial imaging methods and the newest treatment methods of venous disorders in the whole body.